Winter 2023 Meisner Classes

The Meisner Technique gets you out of your head and into the moment.

At Actors Bridge, we take students through a step-by-step approach to the Meisner Technique giving them a strong foundation in being emotionally available, truthfully responsive actors.

Whether you are a seasoned theater artist, new to the stage, or hoping to gain confidence in your work and public speaking, Meisner training will help you level up the authenticity you bring to every room.

Meisner-trained actors include Steve McQueen, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, James Gandolfini, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H. Macy, Allison Janey, Dylan McDermott, and Connie Britton.

Start at Level One to learn the same skills that some of the greatest actors of all time have used in their work.

After successfully completing Level One, actors use improvisation and scene work, learning to be emotionally full and truthfully responsive in performance.

Perhaps the most integral part of the Meisner approach, at this level actors learn to have emotional truthfulness that is appropriate to the imaginary circumstances of the scene.

More complex improvisations and more challenging scene work are assigned as students learn to put emotional preparation to rigorous practice.

At this level, actors confront challenges associated with performance. Students develop the ability to apply personal interpretations to the text and build appropriate characters through attention to culture, period, language, and physical adjustments.