Telling the stories nashville needs to hear

Staging socially conscious, contemporary works and training emotionally connected actors since 1995

Nashville's home for world premieres

We are proud to be Nashville’s leading theater for contemporary works that engage audiences in curiosity and conversation about justice, equity, and inclusion.

We produce socially conscious plays responsive to the current cultural moment.

At Actors Bridge, you are invited to experience important, meaningful works for the first time on stage in Nashville, often for the first time in the world.

Why We Do it

We believe that the theater is a sacred calling: we make a promise to our community to stay emotionally connected in a world that praises going numb. We promise to feel and remind our audiences how good feeling can be.

We believe in the ensemble principle. The person you see on stage in one show you will likely see behind the light board in the next. The person selling tickets may also be a budding new playwright. Your usher is likely an aspiring actor.

Meisner Classes for Actors Directors teachers Therapists chaplains art dealers musicians engineers CEOs humans

The Meisner Technique gets you out of your head and into the moment. At Actors Bridge, we take students through a step-by-step approach to the Meisner Technique, giving them a strong foundation in being emotionally available, truthfully responsive actors.

Whether you are an actor interested in deepening your craft or someone looking for greater confidence, spontaneity, and intuition in your everyday life, the Meisner Technique can help you on your journey.

First Time Stories

First kiss, first heartbreak, first bike ride, first time you broke the rules. The firsts in our lives form compelling and touching moments of real-life theater. And we all have an endless supply.

In our hugely popular storytelling night, storytellers are selected in advance but we have no idea what their stories will be. The only thing we ask is that tellers share an unscripted, true story from their own lives. You may come in knowing no one, but you will leave with a room full of friends. That’s the power of stories.

Join us in the studio the third Friday of every month.

Ritual of celebration

We don’t look too far to find a reason to celebrate around here. Table reads, opening nights, closing nights, First Time Stories, set load ins, set strikes… we enjoy a rich tradition of toasting the hard work of our Ensemble every chance we get. Come on out to a show and raise a glass with us!

Ready To Play?

classes are live!