Who WE are

We are women led, diverse, and inclusive of all who enter our space.

We are committed to authenticity on stage and in life.

We are in love with broadening what is considered theater in our community.

We are able to take big risks on stage by keeping the rehearsal room a safe space for all.

We are inspired to help others find their voice and speak their truths.

Our Theater Company

We believe in theater’s power to heal us in a thousand places we may not have realized needed healing.

We believe that the theater is a sacred calling. We make a promise to our community to stay emotionally connected in a world that praises going numb. We promise to feel and remind our audiences how good feeling can be.

We believe in the ensemble principle. The person you see on stage in one show you will likely see behind the light board in the next. The person selling tickets may also be a budding new playwright. Your usher is likely an aspiring actor.

Meisner Acting Classes

We use the Meisner Technique as our foundation because it is the most proven acting method for creating emotionally authentic actors who can listen and respond in the moment. Our classes are open to new and seasoned actors.

Deeply relevant theater

We tell the stories Nashville needs to hear through regional premieres of the best new plays from across the nation and World Premieres by local playwrights.


We inspire female-identifying Nashvillians to find their voice, speak their truth and stand in their power through autobiographical writing and performance.

Why We Do it

We believe in theater’s power to heal us in a thousand places we may not have realized needed healing. The foundation of all our work is moving Nashvillians to care more about our neighbors and ourselves.

We do this through stories. Some may be our own (through First Time Stories and Act Like a GRRRL). Some belong to others (through the plays in our season). Either way, it’s our grounding in the Meisner Technique that gives us the power to tell these stories well by cultivating open-hearted, honest performances that build empathy among everyone present, actors and audiences alike.

Our Commitments

Find policies, procedures, and important statements that protect the artists and creative integrity of our theater.

At our core, Actors Bridge exists to tell the stories Nashville needs to hear. We seek to amplify the voices that have too long been ignored or silenced in our culture.

Guidelines to ensure a safe and supportive working environment for all of the artists, technicians, and theater craftspeople who work on our productions.

In order to ensure students are equally supported and challenged in our classes, we have established a handbook with policies and protocols that govern our training program(s).

As a condition of both our state and federal grant support and to maintain consistency with our values, Actors Bridge does not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

Content Policy

We understand there is a rapidly changing landscape in the American theater community, and we seek to equip audiences to make their own judgements about content. We provide information from publishers and playwrights for audience members to make their own judgements about content, as each individual brings their own experiences to the theater.