Directed by Jessika Malone
Narrative by Audra Almond-Harvey
Movement by Rebekah Hampton Barger
Art Curation by Audra Almond-Harvey & Tony Youngblood
Production Design by Mitch Massaro
Sound Design by Kara McLeland

Who are the ghosts who haunt our city, insisting their stories be told? Inspired by the nation’s deadliest passenger train crash at Dutchman’s Curve in Richland Creek, HAUNTED is a Southern Gothic site-responsive collaboration which will echo with voices once silenced by prejudice and injustice, voices buried in Nashville’s nearly-forgotten history.

Produced and directed by Jessika Malone (Actors Bridge Associate Artistic Director) and featuring contributions from Nashville’s experimental performance leaders Tony Youngblood (Modular Art Pods @ Oz Arts), Audra Almond-Harvey (abrasiveMedia), Rebekah Hampton Barger (FALL), and Kara McLeland (Musicologist), this world-premiere will feature original music, dance, and immersive art installations with environment design by Mitch Massaro (1220 Exhibits / Actors Bridge Technical Director) and contributions from  Nashville’s premiere visual and performing artists.

HAUNTED will reincarnate silenced ghosts from Nashville’s past and give them the voice they were denied. The only question is: how well have you buried your ghosts?

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Presented in collaboration with abrasiveMedia & FALL




How long is HAUNTED?
The entire experience will last approximately 1 hour.

Where are my seats?
There are none. HAUNTED is an immersive performance experience in which audience members have the opportunity to explore a series of rooms and the various characters inhabiting them. All tickets are general admission.

Is this performance handicap accessible?
Yes. Please contact hauntedprojectnashville@gmail.com to discuss any specific needs.

What is the age limit?
Due to mature themes, HAUNTED is recommended for viewers 18+. We recommend that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by an adult.

Is this a haunted house? Or a play?
It’s neither – HAUNTED is a multimedia artistic experience.

Is this the story of the train wreck at Dutchman’s Curve?
Whereas the train crash at Dutchman’s Curve in Richland Creek is the inspiration for this piece, the performance is not a direct retelling of the events of the crash. Performers and artists are responding to the train wreck in various, non-linear ways that explore injustice, hauntings, and forgetting.

What should I wear?
Comfortable shoes are imperative. A classic attire of black, grey, and red is encouraged.

How do I explore the world of HAUNTED?
You may choose to follow characters who will take you on a set path, or you may explore indepedently. Our ghosts may occasionally provide you with further directions. It is unlikely that you will have the exact same experience at HAUNTED as anyone else.

Will performers touch me in this experience?
Possibly, although those who wish to not have direct interaction can choose to do so.

Will there be characters chasing me with chainsaws?
Definitely not. This is an artistic experience, not a haunted house.

Can I just visit the art installations or the dance performance?
No, HAUNTED is a full artistic event designed to be experienced in its entirety.

May I use my phone during the experience?
We ask that all audience members refrain from using their phones for any purpose outside of an emergency situation. If you must make a phone call, please do so outside the venue.

Can I purchase tickets at the door?
Due to the limited capacity of this performance, we do not expect any tickets to be available for sale at the door and encourage all audience members to purchase well in advance. If tickets are still available, they can be purchased at the door for $40 each.

What can I do if the show is sold out online?
For sold out performances, a waitlist will begin at the door 30 mins prior to the performance time. (Please note: names will not be accepted prior to this time.) In the rare event a ticket becomes available, audience members will be told at the scheduled performance time. Any waitlist ticket will be $40. Again, due to the limited capacity of this performance, we highly encourage all audience members to book in advance.