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Read about the Meisner Technique.

Tuesdays, 6:15-8:15 p.m. Oct 24-Dec 5
(no class Thanksgiving week)
Instructor: Mark Cabus
Fee: $325

This 6-week class will explore the voice and body and their connection to the inner life of the actor. We will use techniques drawn from Cecily Berry, Kristen Linklater, and Michael Chekhov, among others.

We will focus on integrating physical movement to vocal communication with full breath and no loss of resonance or articulation. Through guided exploration, games, and spoken text, we will apply these techniques to practical situations in character.

Participants leave the class with a surefire, basic physical/vocal warm-up applicable to all performance situations. Please bring water to drink and wear clothing that allows full mobility.

Mondays, 6:15-8:15 p.m. Oct 23-Dec 4
(no class Thanksgiving week)
Instructor: Mark Cabus
Fee: $325

Every performer should know that acting for the stage and for the camera are two entirely different skills, and to succeed in this business, it’s vital to master both.

This 6-week class for both pros and first-timers is a fun primer to the craft of acting for the camera. Focusing primarily on self-taped auditions, we will cover some of the fundamentals and techniques that actors use for working in this intimate medium and what creates a compelling onscreen performance.

This is a hands-on, on-your-feet workshop. We will film and watch our footage together throughout the class. Participants leave with dependable techniques to improve their audition and self-taping game. Please bring water to drink and a smartphone.


 January 2018 Class Schedule

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m, Jan 10 – Feb 14
Instructor: Vali Forrister
Fee: $325

This course introduces the fundamental exercises of the Meisner Technique and develops actors’ instincts, developing students ability to work with greater spontaneity and honesty in the moment. Great for actors at any stage in their career, Level One will reconnect you to your impulses and creative spark.

Wednesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Jan 10 – Feb 14
Instructor: CJ Tucker
Fee: $325


Building on the skills learned in Level One, actors work in improvisation and scenework learning to be emotionally full and truthfully responsive in performance.

Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m., Jan 23 – Feb 27
Instructor: CJ Tucker
Fee: $325

More complex improvisations and more challenging scenework are assigned as students learn to put emotional preparation to practice.

MEISNER TECHNIQUE – ADVANCED ACTING (pre-requisites: Levels 1-5)
Mondays, 6:30 -8:30 p.m., Jan 22 – Feb 26
Instructor: Vali Forrister
Fee: $325

Students develop the ability to apply personal interpretations to the text and build appropriate characters through attention to culture, period, language, and physical adjustments.

Actors Bridge Ensemble refund policy: There are no cash refunds after classes commence. Any student who withdraws after this time will be issued a transferable credit good for up to one year.



Meisner Levels 1-6

Our first Meisner class begins by teaching you basic concepts and encouraging your instinct and our sixth is for advanced students, with an emphasis on individual performance and longer scenes.

Acting for the Camera

By the end of this class, students should feel confident enough to book an on-camera acting job and begin working on-set like an experienced pro. Join us and find your on-camera potential!

Suzuki Method

The Suzuki method of acting, developed by Tadashi Suzuki, is a physical approach to acting. The Suzuki Method works to build actors’ awareness of their body, especially their center.