Solo Performance Intensive

Feeling like you need to get up, get off social media, and get in front of some people with some truth? Ready to ART real hard and leave 2016 in the dust? Us, too.

If you’ve decided 2017 is going to be the year you get up and go for it – we’ve got support to help you go solo on stage and launch your leap into your next audition.

In our awesome new Solo Performance Intensive taught by Jessika Malone, we’re wrapping up the year by going one-on-one to help you find a text that best reflects you and what you’re about. We’ll consider the newest, most immediate plays as well as the perennial texts that are emerging as undeniably timely to find a monologue you can stand and deliver with confidence – showcasing what makes you uniquely you both in performance and point of view.

Oh, and by the end, you’ll have a monologue to use at auditions, whenever you need it! So, no more excuses not to go for it next time.

In 4 meetings, we’ll get you there.

The first (1) session is our group of actors coming together as a collective where we will discuss where to find material and how to make selections plus some useful tools for tackling performing without a scene partner.

Then, we’ll have two individual half hour sessions (2 & 3) where we meet at mutually agreeable times to work through the interpretation and performance of your selection.

Finally, the collective reconvenes to perform (4) for a panel of Nashville theatre superheroes including members of the Actors Bridge Ensemble and other notable names. There, you’ll get encouragement and constructive feedback that will help you be even better than you already are.

COST: $150

  • First meeting: Sunday, November 20th at 6pm
  • Individual Meetings: Scheduled by appointment Nov. 21 – Dec. 9
  • Performance: Sunday, Dec. 11 @ 4pm at the Actors Bridge Studio
  • Questions? Shoot ’em to us –



“I’ve worked with Jessika extensively over the past couple of years and have found her intensive to be absolutely loaded with essential acting tools…everything from script analysis to what to expect on audition day. As a director, Jessika has a truly unique gift of being able to interpret and communicate the subtle nuances of a script in a language that is specific for the individual. She makes those subtle beats in a script feel incredibly tangible and clear and then helps you access that meaning with both intention and truth. Her direction has been absolutely fundamental for helping me trust my gut on stage. She is extremely encouraging, creates a positive classroom environment and is great at helping actors recognize and appreciate their individual talents.”
-Sejal Mehta

“Jessika’s willingness to take risks emboldens her actors to do the same! Her enthusiasm and intelligence are incredible resources for artists at any stage of their development.”
– Allie Huff

“Working with Jessika Malone is an absolute thrill. Her creative energy, artistic intuition, and fearlessness are unmatched. Rarely do you come across a director who can create an environment for actors that feels as equally safe and comfortable as it does wild and unknown.
– Madeleine Hicks

“Jessika has an uncanny ability to read a performance and almost instantly offer constructive, insightful criticism that always makes it better and stronger. She manages this gently—never challenging performers’ creative choices, but guiding them to take greater and greater risks that ultimately expand the limits of what they can do on a stage.”
-Tom Mason

“Jessika is a brilliant director and a fierce creative force. I would follow her anywhere, because she has the skills, talent, and heart to make me feel confident and successful in any scenario.
Plus she’s cool AF.”

-Kara McLeland

“Jessika revived my confidence and brought out characters I didn’t know I had in me.”
-Amanda Creech

“The most beautiful thing about working with Jessika is she organically helps you and others on stage create moments in a safe and revealing experience.”
-Cassie Hamilton

“Jessika Malone has the sensitivity to insightfully identify and promote strong creative choices and the fearlessness to take risks right along side you. All while keeping the work space safe, fun, and at many times enlightening”
-Diego Gomez