First Time Stories

Now in our Fifth year!

FIRST TIME STORIES is a great way to meet new people, connect across shared experiences and radical differences. You may come in knowing no one, but you will leave with a room full of friends. That’s the power of stories.

First kiss, first heartbreak, first bike ride, first time you broke the rules. The firsts in our lives form compelling and touching moments of real life theater. And, we all have an endless supply. “Any story can become a first time story. It’s all context. If nothing else, it’s the first time you’re telling it here,” explains Vali Forrister, ABE artistic director and host of First Time Stories.

In true Nashville style, it’s an open mic night. Think of it as “storytelling karaoke.”

Bring your best story, put your name on the board, get yourself a drink and settle in for a good time.

The only rules are that the story must be:

  • told from the heart (not read),
  • true and authentic (not trying out your new stand-up routine) and
  •  5 minutes or less.

We’ll stop you if you start to rant, slander or bore us with an essay.

We’ll love you if you bring your truth, give us action and make us feel (laughter and tears are both welcome!)

Bring your best first and join us for the fun!

Cover: $5 plus cash donation for the bar
Friday, May 5
7-10 p.m.
at the Darkhorse Chapel! 4610 Charlotte Avenue – entrance is on 47th Avenue.