Love for L4B

Vali’s twist on Meisner’s Domestic Exercise in Level 4B was transformational! The relationships and circumstances she crafted ignited my imagination, and demanded that my partners and I reach a deeper emotional connectivity than ever before. Given circumstances that stretched me in unexpected ways, I was amazed to find out how rich my daydreams became, and how much more truthful and vulnerable the improvisations felt. This was truly a thrilling class. I can’t wait to put what I have learned to use!

Stacey Hucks

If you’re looking for ways to take your Meisner technique to new and unforeseen levels, Vali’s level 4B class is a must! I really enjoyed the opportunity to embody expertly crafted relationships and points of view that I would not have been able to create on my own. It allowed me to experience multiple transformational moments where I was succeeding at living my truth under imaginary circumstances.

Ellen Brackin Sevits

This is an amazing class, truly transformational and inspiring. If Sanford Meisner would have seen this, he would have had to add a chapter to his books! Great addition to the sequence. Highly recommend taking this class if you want to become more cognizant about yourself and the people surrounding you.

Norbert Ross

Level 4-B was a great adventure! Vali created domestic exercises and married a perfect mix of improvisation and scene work.  This new type of class helped bring all previous levels of learning together for me.  Take the class! Just do it!  

Suzette Williamson

The next offering of L4B is a 4-week course running Wednesday, Aug 18-Sept 8, 6:30-8 p.m. Because of the intricacy of the work, classes are limited to 6 people (pre-requisites: Meisner 1-3). Sign up here.