Student Testimonials

I really want to thank you for everything! I have learned so much from you and you have really helped increase my confidence level.  I know I’ve got a long way to go… but I’m so glad I discovered Meisner & The Actors Bridge.
— Tom J.

Thanks so much for your encouragement over the last two Meisner Classes.  Even though I think you knew that I was WAY out of my Franklin/bubble/housewife comfort zone, you always made me feel that I had a legitimate place in the class.  I have felt for years that I was missing an essential piece of the acting puzzle (too much emoting and not enough real emotion, or maybe just working too hard) and that what I  admired in other actors was far beyond my ability.  I’m not sure I have fully grasped Meisner’s  concepts as far as reproducing them, but your enthusiasm and words of wisdom have inspired me to keep at it.  There are some bad habits to change, but with time and effort, I might be able to do that.  Also, two things – watching and analyzing other actors  is fascinating and your instruction and guidance were the glue for the group… I’m recommending the classes to everyone I know.
— Beth W.

As a touring recording artist and working actor, my experience with Actors Bridge and their talented instructors has been incredibly beneficial to my career. I strongly recommend working with Actors Bridge to anyone looking to develop their skills, whether in areas of acting, public speaking, or as a stage performer.
— Joshua A.

Actors Bridge really cultivates trusting your gut. It teaches you to be alive in the moment, to not judge your instincts, and sets up a chance to really see your imagination. Actors struggle with keeping things fresh over multiple takes or shows and in being believable and not looking like they are acting. Vali creates a space that targets those issues while at the same time blossoms you in creativity, performance, confidence, who you are, and what you need next.

There are many very valuable acting approaches and techniques, but Meisner is like Mr. Potato Heads body. You can dress it up with those other things like they are glasses, eyes, some big ears, and a pipe to help you grow, but Meisner, for me, is the very solid foundation in being real and being available.
— Chip S.

Acting is such a strange thing to do. It had always been a scary, belly-turning thing to me that never made sense. It seemed to me either you were really good at it naturally or you just sucked and you shouldn’t be an actor, period. I performed in one high school play and felt as if I were just thrown on stage, expected to bring the house down. It was terrifying. I told myself, “I NEVER want to be an actor. I will just stick to writing and singing.”

It was actually my manager who forced me to take acting classes, specifically Meisner because of the technique’s reputation and the many success stories of actors who study Meisner. When I walked into that class, I was a nervous wreck! All those weird emotional insecurities from that high school play started replaying in my mind and body. Much to my surprise, I began to realize that one can really come to understand how to be an actor and that even I could be an effective actor and really enjoy it!

After level one, I started connecting with myself and my acting partners more naturally. And in levels 2, 3 and 4, a new level of awareness about myself began to develop. I started to find my place on stage. I stopped feeling confused and began to understand why I was there in the first place and react effortlessly to my fellow actors. I was shocked. I thought actors were just good naturally! I felt a new sense of empowerment. I now know the secret that great actors know and use to transform into whatever character they are asked to play.

I’m no longer a lost puppy when a director asks me to do something on stage. I have the tools to instantly notice my surroundings, tap into feelings that are within each of us by using the incredible imagination. I no longer wonder how an actor moves an audience with her character. I can do it! And that feels good to be able to say. I am continuing my acting career and know that whatever stage I play on, Meisner and Vali Forrister at Actors Bridge will be the reason I have the confidence to play whatever character I encounter.
— Wade H.

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