Amanda Creech

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What have you most enjoyed about the process of bringing this story to life?
I have so enjoyed the spirit of freedom in this space. Even the crew has gotten the chance to take part in discussing what this work means to us as a company, as a city, and as individuals. This has fostered in me a personal investment in telling this story, so even the hard rehearsals are labors of love.

Describe your character/role in the production in 140 characters or less (#TweetYoSelf):
I’m your stage manager. I have a daddy diaper bag full of tools. I’m running these lights. #turnandwave

If you could create your own virtual realm, what would it be like?
All I really want is to live in Narnia. My avatar would be me as a little girl. We would catch fish, talk to trees, go swimming in rivers, and sleep in green meadows with tons of flowers, but no allergies. There would be millions of rabbits and meerkats. Aslan would refrain from eating any of them. The wind would know when we wanted a breeze, and it would always be sunny and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, unlike this theater.

Has working on this play impacted your perspective on our relationship to technology in any way?
Not my relationship to technology, but definitely my relationships. This story has made me push a little less. Sometimes the best way to love someone is to let them continue living their fantasy.

Why should this play be seen by Nashville audiences?
Nashville needs The Nether because it is not a Broadway musical on a proscenium. It is a reminder of how theater is a safe place to start the necessary conversations that we would otherwise avoid. The Nether forces an audience to acknowledge all sides. Just like in life, the “bad guys” are only doing what they think is right.