Bralyn Stokes


Bralyn S. Edited 2

What have you most enjoyed about the process of bringing this story to life?
I really just enjoy being back on stage. I usually only do one or two shows a year, and I’m glad this was the one that came my way.

Describe your character/role in the production in 140 characters or less (#TweetYoSelf)
Woodnut is one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet. He’s a passionate being.

If you could create your own virtual realm, what would it be like?
It would most definitely be a place with vivid colors and cinematic landscapes. The temperature would always be 73 with a breeze that kissed your cheek every 20 minutes.

Has working on this play impacted your perspective on our relationship to technology in any way?
This play has confirmed what I’ve always believed. People don’t know how to communicate without technology. They can only be themselves behind a screen. They portray false perceptions of themselves to be excepted and loved. This is a generation that doesn’t know how to love themselves fully, because they are so concerned with likes a followers making them feel important.

Why should this play be seen by Nashville audiences?
Because it’s not a musical! Just kidding. I think this is where theatre in Nashville should be headed. We need more new works. I propose every theatre company here have at least one new original play in their season. The Nether brings up a lot of import issues. It also shows how powerful the imagination is.