Rodney Pickel



What have you most enjoyed about the process of bringing this story to life?
The opportunity to work with Actor’s Bridge for the first time has been an honor. Jessika’s vision, insight and thorough attention to detail have helped us all to connect the dots, figuratively speaking. Seldom do I find myself so deeply engaged in the development of a character. The opportunity to play such a multi-layered role makes for an actor’s dream role.

Describe your character/role in the production in 140 characters or less (#TweetYoSelf)
Mr. Sims disguises his true self by submersing himself in a virtual world where he believes his actions have no consequence.

If you could create your own virtual realm, what would it be like?
My virtual realm would be in a time not unlike my own childhood, perhaps. It would be a time and place when outdoor activity was the primary source of entertainment and inspiration. Players would play baseball, or Red Rover, or ride their bicycles through the woods. They would write with pens and paper. They would paint with oils on canvas. They would explore nature and see God in all of creation.

Has working on this play impacted your perspective on our relationship to technology in any way?
If anything, I find myself more resistant to continue to advance technologically. My hope is that I will find myself spending more time offline, exploring this beautiful planet and all the secrets it holds. After all, “I’m not a shade”.

Why should this play be seen by Nashville audiences?
This play forces us to confront deeply disturbing questions about the boundaries of reality, and how much technology is too much. It also delves into what activities are right and which are wrong, and begs us to answer questions about our own personal choices, and the ultimate consequences these choices bring.