Vali Forrister



What have you most enjoyed about the process of bringing this story to life?
I have enjoyed watching our growth as we expand to both take on this story and to make theater in space that has never before been a theater. We blow our own minds on a nightly basis. It’s fun to look across the room and connect with someone with a look that says, “did we just make that happen?!”

Describe your character/role in the production in 140 characters or less (#TweetYoSelf)
Bold investigator with a righteous cause? Rogue vigilante? Or wounded daddy’s girl longing for connection and confused by stirrings of love?

If you could create your own virtual realm, what would it be like?
It would feel like goosebumps and butterfly stomach flips and someone whispering softly in my ear. It would look like Morroccan tents, golden sun, hot sand and blue ocean. It would smell like Nag Champa. It would sound like Etta James and Leonard Cohen. It would taste like mangos, lychee and blackberries by day; red wine and baguette with cheese by night. Everyone would be emotionally connected, alive behind their eyes, able to ask for what they need, speak their mind, respect each other, take big risks and birth each other’s dreams into reality.

Has working on this play impacted your perspective on our relationship to technology?
I am deeply fascinated by the concept of identity and so much more aware of the time I spend cultivating my “second self” at the expense of my “primary self.” I am much more aware of how much time I spend “disappearing” into my various screens and how that takes me out of the present moment. I am trying to make more conscious choices about when/where I am present or choose to disconnect to enter the virtual world and why — am I bored? uncomfortable? anxious? addicted? or just longing for what’s missing?

Why should this play be seen by Nashville audiences?
It asks important questions and gives no easy answers. It’s a glimpse of one very possible near future.